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CPV F 400v 2,000kg Electric Chain Hoist w/Trolley

CPV F 400v 2,000kg Electric Chain Hoist w/Trolley

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A simple classic design with safety firmly implemented at its core, the CPV F Electric Chain Hoist from Yale continues to be a favourite throughout the industry.

This version has an impressive 2,000kg Safe Working Load and is available with either Push Travel Trolley, Single Speed Electric Trolley, or Dual Speed Electric Trolley, catering for even the most demanding of lifts.

Built to last, as with many of Yale's hoisting range, this CPV brings together quality, efficiency, and durability perfectly, while its clean aesthetic is pleasing on the eye.


■ Lifting Capacities: 250kg, 500kg, 1000kg, 2000kg, 2500kg & 5000kg (Full range available via Electric Chain Hoists Category)

■ Height of Lift: Up to 5 metres

■ Availalbe with Hook & Lug Suspension, Single Speed Electric Trolley, Dual Speed Electric Trolley & Push Travel Trolley

■ Single and Dual Speed options

■ Slack Chain Container available as option (select from dropdown menu)

■ 42v low voltage IP65 pendant control

■ Fitted with European load chain

■ IP55 hoist motor

■ Easily removeable chain sprocket and guide

Shipping & Returns

We aim to ship all standard hoists within 2 working days and deliver on the 3rd working day after your order. For example if you order Monday, we expect to have your hoist to you on Wednesday. However, due to the nature of the product, sometimes this changes, we will however endeavour to update you at the soonest of changes to delivery schedule.

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  • The Yale CPV Electric Chain Hoist is available in a range of capacities from 250kg right up to 5Tonnes, making it highly versatile, remaining its renowned performance throughout each lifting capacity. Delivering best-in-class performance, it's easy to see why it's chosen by so many businesses across so many industry sectors.

  • Highly customisable, adding to its versatility, the CPV is, in short, quality, durable, easy on the eye, versatile, and most importantly, safe, whether used indoor or out. Contact us if you wish to discuss your options and how the CPV can be perfectly customised to suit your exact requirements.

In Depth


The CPV comes in a variety of suspension types.

Lug Suspension can be easily securely bolted and unbolted making it more suitable for permanent applications.

Hook Suspension is fitted with a snap hook on its head, making it ideal for temporary applications.

Your suspension can also be upgraded, even at a later date, to one of the following: Push Travel Trolley, Single Speed Electric Trolley, or Dual Speed Electric Trolley.

*Please note that we have separated our Suspended versions from our Trollied versions. Select either Lug/Hook Suspension or with Trolley from the Electric Chain Hoists dropdown menu on the home page, or Search CPV to see the full listings

Safety Considerations

The CPV features integrated mechanical and electrical limit switches to assist in the prevention of unintentional operation. Both can be easily set-up and adjusted by a competent person.

A built-in overload protection device, in form of a slipping clutch, is also present, stopping the CPV from lifting more than its 125% if its rated load capacity. At this point, a load maybe lifted an inch or two before the chain sprocket slips, stopping all movement of the load chain.

Precision Engineering

CPV Electric Chain Hoists are IP55 rated, while the Pendant Control is rated to IP65, meaning that these units are protected against the elements are suitable for external usage.

Tip: If you plan to use the CPV externally, in a potentially wet environment, to prevent premature failure, we recommend that you place the unit under shelter when not in use, and a weather-proof cover should be attached to both hoist and trolley when in use.

The CPV also featuers a high-quality electromagnetic brake, fully locked when not in use. Once a button is pushed on the control, an electrical signal is sent to the unit to release the brake so that the hoist chain can lift and lower loads. In the case of a power outage, the brake automaticlly engages and holds the load.


The CPV achieves exceptional motor duty of 1 Am (M4) meaning that it can operate at 63% of its maximum capacpity for approximately 2 hours per day with no undue stress on the motor or electrical components.

FYI: M4 is generally the industry standard, but if your application requires to operate at 63% of its maximum capacity for 8 hours, give us a call and we can offer a special M6 rated hoist.

Pendant Control

As standard, your CPV Electric Chain Hoist is fitted with a wired pendant control, equipped with emergncy stop button.

This handset is wired directly to the hoist, with the voltage set at just 42v, making it extremely safe to handle.

A steel strainer cable comes as a built-in safety features of the pendant cable, preventing accidental unplugging, even in the unfortunate event of snagging.

Pendant Control lengths are based roughly on 1 metre less than your chosen Height of Lift in order to provide an ergonomic position and reduce risk of tripping hazard. For example, if you opt for a HOL of 10m, your pendant control will come with a 9m cable.

Slack Chain Container

Availalbe as a recommended optional extra, Yale Slack Chain Containers are designed to ensure safety and tidiness off your area.

Manufactured from heavy-duty fabric, Yale's chain bags are bolted directly the your CPV hoist courtesy of a reinforced steel bracket.

Yale's chain collectors are also resistant to chain lubricant, meaning they won't easily degrade, adding to their service life.

FYI: 9 out of 10 customers opt for a chain bag.

Service & Maintenance

To ensure that you remain in line with UK regulations, we reccomend that you inspect and maintain your hoist in accordance with LOLER and PUWER regulations.

The minimum inspection required is once every 12 months. The minimum service of this hoist should be assessed reasonably by the owner based on their usage. We suggest that if your hoist is used regularly throughout the day, every day, then a 3-monthly service will maintain integrity and reduce downtime.


Your CPV Electric Chain Hoist can benefit further from simple, yet truly effective upgrades (call our expert team or browse the website for more information)

Why not go wire-free with a Radio Control System. A modern alternative to a wired pendant control, allowing operators to stand at a greater distance improving their safety. Check out our range of Magnetek Flex systems to see your options.

If you're operating your hoist on an i-beam using either manual or electrical beam trolley, the risk of snagging your power cable can be a real concern. So why not invest in a simple solution - a Festoon Power Feed System. Contact us to tailor a solution just for your application.

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