Collection: Beam Trolleys

If you are already the proud owner of an electric or manual chain hoist, but your next project requires your hoist to be suspended, we are able to offer you a range of high-quality beam travelling trolleys to suit many applications.

By installing a beam trolley system, you will have the ability to move your hoist up and down a beam, or in/out the way, as and when needed. At Electric Chain Hoists, we have access to some of the best Beam Travelling Trolleys on the market, from classic manual Push Travel and Geared types to Single and Dual Speed Electric, and even further to Articulated Underslung Trolleys.

For lightweight duty we recommend either a Push Travel Trolley, while for heavier duty applications, we would suggest looking at either a Geared or Electric Travel Trolley. We have an extensive range of trolleys to suits a wide spectrum of environments, also offering both ATEX and corrosion-resistant models.