Collection: Extra Low Headroom Chain Hoists

Extra Low Headroom Electric Chain Hoists from the likes of Stahl and GIS are engineered to achieve the absolute maximum hook path in applications of particularly low headroom.

Ultra-slim and compact units are precisely designed to your every requirement, to suit multiple environments - from normal indoor use to sub-zero outdoor, salty areas.

With Extra Low Headroom Hoists, the load hook usually hoists right up to the underside of the beam which often raises a query in relation to the size of the load - for example, if the load is large and being lifted close to the hook, then surely this would hit the hoist?

In this situation, we can offer a hoist with an extended trolley. The trolley is extended in order to allow the load hook to be positioned further away from the hoist motor/workings, and the chain is fed through a number of pulleys and allows for a truly unique hoist design.

As always, our friendly and knowledgeable team are only a call away, so why not get in touch with your requirements and we can pinpoint the exact application that best suits your business.

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