Collection: Yale

Owned by Columbus McKinnon Corporation (CMCO), Yale is a brand that we all know and all love, hence the reason it's regarded as 'Britain's No. 1 Name for Lifting.'

Yale Electric Chain Hoists are superbly robust, well designed, and exceptionally well built, with individual ranges designed specifically for light-, medium-, and heavy-duty applications.

Light Duty: The Yale CPS offers single- or three-phase powered hoists up to 250kg in capacity. Only single speed is available in this tiny mini electric chain hoist, in fact, it's one of the smallest in the world weighing as little as 14kg.

Medium Duty: The Yale CPV and CPV-F hoist range offers something to suit most general-purpose hoisting applications in industrial environments. Running only on three-phase power, the CPV is a truly impressive and cost-effective machine.

Heavy Duty: The Yale CPE hoist is a German-manufactured, heavy-duty hoisting machine, featuring superb engineering that can withstand intense operation. Owners of a CPE hoist can expect long-lasting lifecycles... guaranteed.