Pneumatic Air Hoists

Pneumatic or otherwise known as "Air" and even "Compressed Air" hoists are great non-electric alternatives to powered lifting. Offering unlimited duty cycle Air Hoists are often favoured throughout the offshore power generation industries where large heights of lift and intensive duty would be too much for any electric motor to handle.

Aside from the advantage of unlimited duty, Pneumatic Chain Hoists also offer much higher capacities and faster lifting speeds. Not only are there numerous additional specifics that air hoists can benefit from but they are also often used in environments where electricity is either a hazard or simply not available.

Our standard range of air hoists offer capacities up to 100Tonnes with unthinkable height of lift that can operate in environments up to 70 degrees centigrade. These can also be specified to comply with EX or ATEX regulations from explosion protection where required.

A Handful Of Applications Perfect For Pneumatic Hoists:

  • Offshore
  • Production Lines
  • Energy Generation
  • Subsea
  • Explosive Environments

Brands of Pneumatic (Air) Hoists available from us:

  • JD Neuhaus
  • Yale
  • Red Rooster
  • Ingersoll Rand
  • Hadef