Would You Like a Slack Chain Collector Sir/Madam?

Would You Like a Slack Chain Collector Sir/Madam?

When specifying your Electric Chain Hoist, one question you should always be asked is... "Would you like a Slack Chain Collector Sir/Madam?" Which is usually followed by the customer responding... "I have no idea what that is, please enlighten me!"

Well, here you go...

A Slack Chain Container is usually in the form of an injection moulded strong plastic container or a leather-style bag that collects the slack chain that otherwise would simply dangle down beside the load when the hoist is used to lift upwards.

Instead of the excess chain now swinging beside the load, scratching your delicate Picasso as you are lifting into place, with a Slack Chain Collector, the excess chain is neatly stored away automatically as the hoist is operated. The chain falls out of the hoists chain guides and into the box/ bag which is fixed to the hoist body, often with screws or sometimes with wire rope and a clip.

Slack Chain Containers come in a variety of different sizes to accommodate the amount of excess chain that is provided based on the Height of Lift of your electric chain hoist.

Boxes and Bags are also manufactured to suit the particular hoist and you should always purchase genuine branded collectors and spares to ensure safe and secure storage of your load chain.

Should a Slack Chain Collector not be available via a dropdown menu on a product page, simply contact us and we can offer the most suitable solution to accompany your purhcase.

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