What is Dual Speed Operation?

What is Dual Speed Operation?

Many people ask, "What is Dual Speed Operation?" Well, if i'm feeling smart I them to read it slowly over and over again until it makes sense. 99.99% of the time however, I tell them that it means two speed operation of the hoist, which can refer to two speed of lifting or two speeds of horizontal travel.

The first speed is commonly referred to as the 'creeping speed,'. This is always the slower speed which on a dual speed hoist is activated first by slightly pressing the motion button until you feel one click. Pushing it further, until you feel a second click sensation, will activate the faster speed, which is the main speed of the hoist and should always only be used when the load is totally clear of obstacles.

But please be aware (TIP) that running a hoist in constant slow 'creeping' speed can cause unintentional wear on the hoist motor, which is extremely expensive to replace.

The 'creeping' speed is often used to edge the load into place, or when lifting something that requires precision, for example, Glass. You would not want to edge a sheet of glass into place at 20m/min travel, as this would result in a broken item - every time - and not forgetting the injury risk to users and other employees.

If the hoist was dual speed, the operator would most likely have an option of slowing the motion down to approximatel5 5m/min in order to edge the sheet of glass into place without breaking.

This is just one simple example of the advantages of Dual Speed Operation, but we stress that it's a huge advantage having access to two speeds of lifting, and recommend taking a serious look at your options before making your next purchase.

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