Limit Switches - Saving Lives!

Limit Switches - Saving Lives!

Human error has become a thing of the past when lifting with an Electric Chain Hoist. In short, if your hoist features limit switches, these can be adjusted to prevent operator error.

Limit Switches are often externally adjustable sensors which detect when the hook or trolley is in a set position, and automatically limits the travel by stopping the function instantly.

Many limits are feature high precision enabling operators to set desired maximum and minimum travel distances and fine tune them within millimetres for optimum precision when lifting delicate and valuable loads.

Not to be confused - limit switches are strictly a safety device and the idea is to prevent unintentional operation. Users often don't realise this fact, and use the set limit as a target instead of a safety cut-off function.

Using limit switches as a target and constantly lifting and lowering, or even travelling, and deliberately hitting the limit is bad practice and can lead to failure of the limits due to overuse and unintentional use which is strictly not covered by manufacturers warranty.

Limit Switches for Electric Chain Hoists are my absolute recommendation when purchasing your electric hoists. You mat not need them now but they are always good to have and are vital in some lifting operations, proven to save lives on several occassions.

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