Are Water & Dust Causing You Problems?

Are Water & Dust Causing You Problems?

Water & Dust are unavoidable elements in many working, industrial environments, therefore it's imperative that your Electric Chain Hoist is suitable to working in such conditions.

More recently, a general requirement across the industry has been noted as a need for protection against water and dust. With harsher weather conditions, and a rise in hoists sold for outdoor use, many suppliers and manufacturers have seen an opening to implement an option for IP65 protection on their hoist range... even as low down as 250kg models, meaning there's no excuse not to be protected.

What is IP?

IP stands for Ingress Protection. The IP level of a product is indicated by a code, which is usually displayed on the data plate on any hoist. CLICK HERE for Full IP Code Table.

The first digit signifies Solid Particle Protection, while the second digit indicates Liquid Particle Protection, as the numbers increase, the harsher the exposure of particles or liquids.

So, in the case of IP65, the '6' stands for protection against the dust, and the '5' refers to protection from water jets.

Although the ingress of dust is not entirely prevented, a sufficient enough quantity to interfere with the satisfactory operation of your equipment will not occur. 

In terms of water protection, IP65 hoists are protected against the ingress of water from water jets. This has been tested for at least minutes at 100 litres per minute at a distance of 3m.

Simply put, IP65 rated hoists are highly suitable for the most demanding environments, both indoor and outdoor. Why not drop us an enquiry and we can tell you all you need to know about hoists, and the environments and applications they are best suited for.

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