Yale CPEYale Electric Chain Hoists are superbly robust and well built, featuring adjustable limit switches and Pewag load chain as standard, the Yale CPV/F models can be shipped directly to any UK address in 1-3 working days! (Global Export also available)

Yale offer hoists designed for each type of application- light duty, medium duty and heavy duty.

Light Duty: The CPS offers single or three phase powered hoist up to 250kg in capacity, only single speed is offered in this tiny mini electric chain hoist (one of the smallest in the world) weighing as little as 14kg.

Medium Duty: The CPV and CPV/F hoist range offers something to suit most general purpose hoisting applications in the industrial environment, running only on three phase power the CPV is an impressive and cost effective machine,

Heavy Duty: The CPE hoist is a German built heavy-duty hoisting machine, it features superb engineering to stand up to intense operation, owners of CPE hoists can expect long lasting life spans.