Three Phase

Three Phase Electric Chain Hoists are perfectly suited to industrial environments where heavy duty operation is carried out, three phase hoists are available with dual speed up to  50 Tonnes suspended with top hook/Lug or with a range of manual and electric single/dual speed beam trolleys.

We offer Stahl, CM Lodestar, GIS, Kito, Yale, Demag, Donati and Tractel three phase electric chain hoists. The range is far more versatile and cost effective than the single phase range.

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  • Lodestar Electric Chain Hoist
    Up to 3000kg capacity Available with hook suspension, push travel trolley, single speed electric travel (18m/min), and dual speed electric travel (18/4.5 m/min)
  • Yale CPS Electric Chain Hoist
    Up to 250kg capacity, Available in single phase and 3 phase
  • Yale CPV/F 400v Chain Hoist
    Up to 5000kg capacity. Available with Manual suspension, Push trolley, And single and dual speed electric travel trolleys. 3 Meter standard height of lift