Maintenance to your electric hoist is essential, at minimum a LOLER inspection every 12 months is required to comply with health and safety regulations.

Many insurance companies now offer free LOLER inspections, but that is literally just a visual inspection, our services go beyond this- we offer preventative maintenance and actual servicing, restoration and repair to all brands and models. Preventative maintenance aims to reduce any risk of downtime, ensure the highest safety standards by always replacing worn parts before it is too late. Over time preventative maintenance will actually save you money. For example, Why buy a hoist and not maintain it then after a short time you end up replacing it. Buy a hoist and maintain it correctly and as long as it is used within its parameters the life expectancy can be anything up to 50 years!

Hoist Repair & Return Service

We offer a convenient hoist repair and return service available to anyone in the world! Save on the engineers call out fee, save time and take advantage of our exceptional service!

  1. Simply drop us a line with your address, general contact details and hoist symptoms, we will advise you of our hourly cost. Pack your hoist up on to a pallet securely (we can even send you a packing kit if required).
  2. Once satisfied we will arrange a collection of the hoist by courier where it is transported overnight back to our repair centre. A trained technician will test and diagnose any faults with your hoist, once any parts are identified we will then contact you with prices and request approval of the repairs.
  3. Once the hoist repair is complete we can perform a number of tests at your request such as a LOLER inspection, actual load test or we can simply return the hoist to your desired location.
  4. The final costs are submitted to you for payment and your working hoist is shipped back to you via fully insured courier.

While your hoist is with us we can perform the following work:

Full Hoist Restoration & LOLER Certification:

We offer a full hoist restoration and LOLER certification as an optional service when your hoist is with us. This is the full package. Our expert technicians strip the hoist completely and change all worn parts, replace the oil in the gearbox, scrutinise the load chain, chain sprocket and chain guide and if worn; replace, or degrease and lubricate if in good condition. The hoist is then re-assembled and tested*. This is followed by a fresh layer of paint, new identification plates and brand/SWL stickers and finally a LOLER inspection.
*Functionality test only, the optional load test is charged extra.