Electric Chain Hoists

Motorised Hoists, Otherwise known as Electric Chain Hoists are the answer to many, many lifting applications whether Industrial, Pharmaceutical or Entertainment. With capacities from as little as 80kg all the way up to 50 Tonnes ECH have hundreds powered hoisting solutions to suit nearly every need. 
Available in single phase 110v, 230v (UK 3-pin domestic plug voltage) or in three phase 400v (other voltages on request). We highly recommend three phase where possible to get the best value hoist at a more reasonable cost, however, with some applications and environments this is not possible.
We built the below guide to help you make the right decision when buying your next Electric Chain Hoist.

Electric Chain Hoist Buying Tips
The following points you will need to make a decision on when purchasing an Electric Chain Hoist:
  1. SWL (Safe Working Load) or Lifting Capacity, this is measured in Kg most of the time but also in Tonnes here in the UK
  2. HOL (Height of Lift) this is the load level to the underside of the hoist body when suspended at full length, this makes sure you have enough chain to perform your lift, the standard is 3m across the board but we offer custom lengths also
  3. Supply Voltage- this is what power supply voltage you have available to supply the hoist with, in residential applications it is always single phase, usually 230v or 110v. In industrial and entertainment applications it can be three phase 440v, ideally the hoists are three phase, this allows you to benefit from models with dual speed operation, faster running speeds and higher capacities
  4. Suspension Method- in applications that do not require horizontal traverse we offer models with top mounted snap hooks or closed lugs to allow vertical suspension, in applications where horizontal traverse is required we offer beam trolleys either manually or electrically driven
  5. Number of speeds- in three phase hoists most manufacturers offer two speed variations that feature a fast (normal running) speed and a slow (creep) speed for precise movements. Not only do we offer dual speed hoist units but you can also get dual speed beam trolleys to suit, alike their single speed brothers these are directly bolted to the hoist when ordered together, this achieves a tighter headroom
  6. Number of Chain Falls- the advantage of having a single fall hoist are that they run faster, have less chain so are lighter in units with large lifting heights and can also sometimes be converted in to two fall hoists to double capacity (but this does result in half lifting speed while in two fall setup). Two fall hoists run slower and use twice the amount of load chain meaning that if you have a long lifting height, be prepared for a heavy hoist chain, this can also mean a very large chain bag
  7. Duty Rating- this only really applies if you are using the hoist frequently, but consider that the more starts in a short period of time, the hotter the motor will get, electrical motors do burn out if abused in any industrial items, ensure you consider how often you will use your hoist and if intense check the duty rating of the hoist being purchased, the same applies for hoists with long lifting heights as the motor will be running for long amounts of time
For further advice on Electric Chain Hoists and powered hoists please contact a member of our sales team who will be happy to assist you with your queries and requirements. 
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  • Yale CPS Electric Chain Hoist
    Up to 250kg capacity, Available in single phase and 3 phase
  • Lodestar Electric Chain Hoist
    Up to 3000kg capacity Available with hook suspension, push travel trolley, single speed electric travel (18m/min), and dual speed electric travel (18/4.5 m/min)
  • Yale CPV/F 400v Chain Hoist
    Up to 5000kg capacity. Available with Manual suspension, Push trolley, And single and dual speed electric travel trolleys. 3 Meter standard height of lift